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Nintendo announces a pretty pink Nintendo Switch Lite

While many people are enraptured with the Animal Crossing Switch, gamers that aren't fans of the debt simulation series might feel a little left out that there isn't a new Switch version for them to pick up. Thankfully, Nintendo can still get money from everyone with this new Nintendo Switch Lite color.

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Switch Lite color, called Coral. It's pink! The color also keeps with the theme of the other Switch Lites, with its pastel coloring that's not too bright. For those that haven't jumped on the Switch Lite train yet, you'll now have another color of the system to pick from!

The Coral Nintendo Switch Lite will release on April 3 and costs $199.99. It also seems like the Coral Switch Lites are not affected by the possible shortages from the coronavirus outbreak, so it's unlikely the release will be delayed!

If you're interested in the new Nintendo Switch Lite, here is where you can pre-order it in the US:

For those in the UK, you're currently out of luck--the Coral Nintendo Switch hasn't been announced for the region yet. However, it seems unlikely that the new color will only be Japan and US exclusive, so keep an eye out in the coming days for a UK announcement!

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