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Nintendo and Sony are changing the way subscription renewals are handled

Changes are being made to automatic renewal systems.

After an investigation into how Nintendo and Sony handle renewals for paid online subscription services, both have made changes to company policy.

As reported by, the changes were prompted after an investigation into auto-renewal practices was conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority.

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In light of the investigation, and to comply with consumer protection laws, Sony will change how it renews its PlayStation Plus subscription.

The new plan will see the company send reminders to customers that haven't used the service in a while, telling them how to cancel their subscription. Should a user not cancel and is not actively using it, Sony will stop taking payments.

Meanwhile, Nintendo will no longer offer automatic renewal as the default option for its Nintendo Switch Online service. Should customers wish to choose auto-renewal, they will need to do so after signing up.

The companies have followed in Microsoft's footsteps which changed how information to Game Pass subscribers was presented. Since January, users can clearly see displayed information on membership, pricing, refunds, and cancellation.

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