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Nintendo admits challenges with 3DS; unconcerned with Vita as a competitor

Charlie Scibetta, NOA's senior director of corporate communications, has admitted to Gamasutra 3DS has faced a few challenges especially when it comes to getting consumers excited for the system.

However, according to Scibetta, consumers will come around to 3DS because of the games line-up and said Nintendo is not too concerned with Vita's impending launch.

"It's hard to market a 3D product in a 2D world, and the way we've found is the most effective is getting [3DS units] into their hands," Scibetta said adding that Nintendo's strategy is "a very aggressive trial program. Wherever people are congregating, we encourage people to try it... [and then] convert that positive sentiment into purchase intent."

Scibetta also said consumers will start paying closer attention to 3DS now that the eShop has launched.

"I think if you give people enough reasons to buy, eventually they will. We're not too concerned about the long term viability of the platform," he continued. "If we give them good enough content [they'll] keep coming back to the games, and we've got the experiences that will appeal."

"Give us time. We wanted to bring out franchises that people were familiar with and innovate on those... And with third party support we have, that innovation can come from anywhere."

Scibetta also told the site that Nintendo doesn't have any plans on changing its strategy, even with Vita launching later this at or around the same price-point.

"We certainly wouldn't change our strategy or our approach based on what a competitor is doing," he said. "[We] will continue to innovate... and encourage our third party developers to take advantage of the system."

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