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ngmoco bought by Japanese social games firm for $400 million


iPhone developer ngmoco has been bought by Japanese social games comapny DeNA for $400 million.

The deal, which has been strongly rumored for the past week, will furher firm up its rivalry with fellow social games firm Zynga.

Plans to merge ngmoco's + community with DeNA's Mobage platform are already in place.

"The big tide in social gaming is coming, right now. We’d like to capture it and quickly become the world’s No. 1 mobile gaming platform," said DeNA CEO Tomoko Namba, speaking to the NYT.

"Whether you’re a developer in Japan working on a Mobage, or you’re a developer in the West making apps, you’ll be able to work with us, and your games will be able to move across borders and move across devices," added ngmoco boss Neil Young.

ngmoco were the ones behind iPhone title Rolando, and have recently made the jump to Android.

Via ME. Thanks, MCV.

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