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Next-generation SmartGlass, Twitch, Upload Studio a natively built into Xbox One

Marc Whitten came on stage to talk about Xbox Live and SmartGalss, SmartMaps, game DVR and options for broadcasting gameplay.

A demonstration of it was shown using Ryse. You can look at leaderboards, achievements and how the timeline changes dynamically.

It also has Smart Match which allows you to play the game, in this case Ryse, while you wait on a match in Killer Instinct -which can be played with a Fight Stick apparently because the game's producer was using one to play the game on stage.

Smart Match allows for asynchronous matchmaking, where the system begins looking for your next match while you continue to game, watch TV or listen to music.As I noted above.

Smart Match also instantly finds people you want to play with, where your reputation also plays an important role.

Upload Studio allows you to capture, change, edit, and publish your gameplay. This gives you the ability to record, edit, share and broadcast using Game DVR and Upload Studio.

You can also use the Twitch app - which was announced last month - to stream your games. Twitch on Xbox One also includes the ability to discover tailored, relevant and inherently social video content that spans everything from e-sports events to user-generated original shows and game walk-throughs. With Twitch on Xbox One, a single voice command starts live broadcasting.

Xbox One is out in November.

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