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Next Dragon Age: Origins DLC coming soon, dropping story to focus on combat


Real adventurers don't need silly old reasons to risk life and limb by delving deep into suicidally dangerous dungeons. They do it because, you know, why not? They've already saved the world, and there's nothing decent on TV tonight, so why not go out for a nice stroll where most men fear to tread? It's something to do, at least.

That's Dragon Age: Origins' next DLC in a nutshell. No story, no towns - nothing. Just you, your party, and your tactics against a very challenging, high-level dungeon.

1UP reports that BioWare mentioned the DLC during Comic-Con, though it has yet to actually drop a name for either the DLC or the dungeon itself. Apparently, though, attendees will have a chance to take it for a test run this weekend.

You'll want to start sharpening your blades or tossing more sparkle dust on your wands or whatever it is you do too, because the DLC's "entirely combat based" according to the report. The only puzzle you'll be solving, it would seem, is how best to dissect your enemies.

More to come soon, we're guessing.

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