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New video for The Technomancer takes a look at companions

You will have companions traversing Mars alongside of you in The Technomancer. This new video gives you a look at them.

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New video for The Technomancer takes a look at companions

Various companion interactions will bolster relationships with the NPCs and each has its own personality and will level up alongside of the player. Some will join up out of loyalty, others will tag along due to opportunities or "as a result of a chain of unfortunate events."

Players can choose two companions at a time. Each have special talents in battle and various utility skills such as crafting, science or lockpicking. Companions picked will impact both the way the game is played and the storyline.

Due to each comrade having their own agenda or preoccupation, they may ask the player for favors or help. Should the player accept such requests, it will trigger "a special series of missions" which result in learning more about the companion's past.

These missions add to the main story and provide extra hours of gameplay.

More information on companions, leveling their abilities, armor and more are outlined in the video.

Announced in April 2015, the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk title is set on Mars during the War of Water.

The Technomancer releases on June 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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