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A new 'SquidKid' skin has been spotted in Fortnite's files - could it be a Splatoon collaboration?

You're a kid now; you're a squid now; build a fort now.

Fortnite loves a good crossover - it's currently filling up with It-style red balloons, and there's a Borderlands 3 event happening too. But now one prominent Fortnite data miner is hinting at a much more unexpected crossover that might be coming to Fortnite soon.

As Nintendo Life has reported, Fortnite leaker Hypex took to Twitter to reveal that two 'Squidkid' files have appeared in Fortnite, one for a skin, one for backbling. He also credited s1l0x and Lucas7yoshi for the discovery.

This isn't absolute confirmation, of course, but the term 'SquidKid' really hints at a Splatoon crossover - especially since, to properly capture that game's aesthetic, you'd definitely want an ink tank back bling. Whether or not it will extend outside the Switch version is unclear - Fortnite content is, generally, global across all platforms, but this is Nintendo we're talking about.

Could Splatoon be coming to Fortnite season 10, then, or perhaps even later in season 11? Is Fortnite big enough to win over even Nintendo for a crossover? It feels like a longshot, but when it comes to Fortnite, anything's possible.

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