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New Kinect shooter announced by Zombie Studios

Zombie Studios, creator of Blacklight: Tango Down and Blacklight: Retribution, has unveiled a new shooter named Blackwater, which will come with Kinect support.

The game presents players with the option of using only Kinect, allowing you to ditch the traditional controller completely in the process. It's being developed "in conjunction with former members of the Blackwater team" to make sure all the moves and gestures in the game are authentic.

Don't own a Kinect and yet this game sounds like fun to you? Worry not, as it's "also playable with a standard controller."

That's Blackwater Worldwide, by the way, one of the largest private military companies in the US and beyond, founded by a Navy SEAL in 1997.

While informed by reality, the story, which sees players tackling warlords in North Africa, is entirely fictional.

It's scheduled to release this fall.

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