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New Far Cry 5 gameplay shows fishing, shooting, ramming, and dogfights

The E3 demo for Far Cry 5 showed a nice slice of everything we'll be doing in the game, but today's video is even better.

This new video has an extended look at the same demo, taking alternate paths to show things the original demo did not. Though the developer commentary mentions it's the same demo, it's showing completely new gameplay.

It starts off with the player using a tractor to plough one cult soldier to death, before he takes a detour to fish. The fishing mini game doesn't look simple, either.

Then it's off to some shooting, ramming with the help of a big truck, and some aerial combat. The demo really makes the game look like it's full of surprises, and the wildlife system is particularity interesting.

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Your dog, Boomer, is shown scaring away a wolf, while other animals flee after they hear the growls and barks. There's a nice variety of activities in the fictional Hope County, and we'll no doubt see more in the lead up to launch.

Far Cry 5 is out February 27 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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