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Netflix rolls out in UK and Ireland, sub prices confirmed

Following the launch of its PlayStation 3 app over the weekend, Netflix has launched in the UK and Ireland, confirming subscription prices in the process.

New customers get a month's free trial, with subs costing £5.99 or €6.99 per month from there on out.

Content on offer features full TV shows including Prison Break, Damages TOWIE (eww) and Arrested Development (yay). Some of the movies on tap include 3:10 to Yuma, Blitz, Pirates of the Caribbean, Battle Royale, Armageddon, Sin City and The English Patient.

As well as the aforementioned PS3 application, it'll come to Xbox 360 and Wii here in the UK as part of the launch.

Previously a US only service, the movie streaming service came to game consoles in 2008 as part of a year-long exclusivity deal with Xbox 360. A PS3 version arrived in October 2009, before coming to Wii in March 2010.

A 3DS version arrived last July.

More details here.

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