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Natal-controlled Guitar Hero? "Likely," says Red Octane


Guitar Hero may have a hardware-less future, if comments made by Red Octane president and co-founder Kai Huang to DigitalSpy are to be believed.

"We've definitely been evaluating Microsoft's Natal technology along with a lot of other different technologies that could enhance the Guitar Hero playing experience," Huang said.

"Natal is very interesting because there's so many different things you can do with it, whether it's the motion detecting, maybe sensing how you're playing, or the ability to use it for interactivity purposes and taking advantage of it for party purposes...

"We're evaluating it, and I think it's likely that sometime in the future we'll have those technologies integrated into our games."

Huang's comments come after Acti boss Bobby Kotick said recently that Guitar Hero games may soon not need a console. All that's left to get rid of now is the game itself. Imagine: you pay Bobby money, and you consume music without having to press any buttons or hold a plastic guitar. You just "hear" it.

Bet that's roasting your goose, non?

Thanks, 1UP.

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