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Narin: The Orange Room is a third-person horror game that echoes Fatal Frame 2

Help Narin confront her fears and rescue her sister in this creepy title.

Admittedly, maybe Narin: The Orange Room and Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly don't bear that many similarities, but they bear enough for me to be incredibly interested as to what Narin: The Orange Room entails.

Fatal Frame 2 is a title that I deem to be one of the best horror games of all time, so the second I heard that Narin was to follow a lost young girl in a world of ghosts trying to rescue her sister, I was sold.

Narin: The Orange Room is certainly a lot more stylised than Fatal Frame 2, with the trailer showing off what appears to be a gorgeous supernatural world that Narin finds herself in. The story follows our protagonist, Narin, and her sixth sense skills as she solves puzzles and finds clues that'll hopefully solve the disappearance of her sister.

It's not quite roaming around with a camera and trying to expel demons, but similar affections are there when Narin must use her equipment to keep herself safe.

During the game, Narin will alternate worlds between Daytime and Twilight hours, with Twilight bringing a host of ghosts and ghouls with it that Narin must protect herself from. In these instances, Narin must stealthily navigate her school, hiding from predators, monitoring their behaviour, and piecing together puzzles in order to locate her sister.

It's perhaps a much more light-hearted experience than Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly was, but I will welcome this world of fatal ghosts and a girl in pursuit of her lost sister with open arms.

Narin: The Orange Room is to be expected on Steam in 2023, and will be developed by RedSensation Games and published by Urnique Studio. What are your thoughts on this indie title?

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