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Namco to continue "pushing" Enslaved in the marketplace

Namco Bandai has said it has plans to "keep pushing" the Enslaved franchise even though Ninja Theory doesn't have a sequel in the works, currently.

Speaking in a recent podcast with Eurogamer, Namco's UK marketing manager Lee Kirton said the firm is "still very much behind," the game.

"We've got plans as to where we want to take Enslaved, we want to keep on pushing... maybe to a market that hasn't experienced it yet," he said. "We currently have no plans for an Enslaved sequel. However, we are still looking at it."

Namco has said in the past it felt Enslaved would have been better received at retail had it been given a different release window.

"It's disappointing since it could have and should have done more," Kirton added.

Namco's recent financials have the game selling 730,000 units worldwide.

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