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Axed multiplayer mode, DLC for Enslaved, says Ninja Theory

A multiplayer online game featuring Monkey's cloud skateboard thingy and DLC were in the making for Enslaved: Journey to the West, Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has said, but were canned following the game's poor retail reception.

Speaking with Edge (via CVG), he said, in terms of the game's legacy, the studio won't let up in making believable characters rather than "cardboard cutouts".

"We wanted to create affecting characters that felt more like real people than cardboard cutouts. If the game had been more successful, perhaps other games would follow suit and deem it a worthwhile pursuit.," said Antoniades.

"But perhaps instead it will be held as an example of why it doesn't matter. Either way, it won't stop us from trying. I truly believe characters and story can elevate the gameplay and affect people in deep and satisfying ways."

Ninja Theory launched Enslaved: Journey to the West in October 2010 for PS3 and 360 to critical and raving success, but didn't deliver the results at retail, with plans for a sequel nipped as a result.

The studio's currently planning to release a Devil May Cry reboot for PS3 and 360 this year.

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