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Mythic defends Dungeon Keeper mobile edition

Though there has been plenty of furor over EA's free-to-play mobile adaptation of Dungeon Keeper this week developer EA Mythic is downplaying all that controversy, with Jeff Skalski telling TabTimes that they made the game how it is "so the classic franchise would be accessible to as many people as possible."


The complaints about the iOS and Android game involve claims of exploitative monetization -- Dave wrote that it's a title emblematic of the term "free-to-play" losing its meaning -- but Skalski gently attempts to write those concerns off.

"It’s important to emphasize that we designed a game that is built around the typical mobile play patterns," he said. "This means Dungeon Keeper is meant to be played on the go multiple times a day with a few minutes here or there. This way of playing allows fans to naturally progress as a free player.

"That’s not to say you can’t quickly blow past 30 minutes in one sitting by summoning new minions, reorganizing your dungeon layout, find a keeper to attack, check in with your guild, queue up your next digs then take on a new event raid before calling it a night."

Skalski also pointed out high average user ratings on the iOS App Store and Google Play (though the App Store number is down to 3/5 from Skalski's noted 4.5/5). Ratings aside, actually written reviews on Google Play have skewed very negative, however.

So where do you stand in all this? Happy? Decidedly unhappy?

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