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Multiplayer changes for Red Faction: Guerrilla now live for 360


Volition has updated the multiplayer for Red Faction: Guerrilla and has applied the following list of changes:

  • Disabled the following playlists: Bagman, Large Team Mixer, Big Boomers, MLG Playlist
  • Added Bagman and Capture The Flag modes to the Partial Recall playlist (Only viewable to those with the Multiplayer DLC Pack).
  • Added DLC levels to Anarchy, Team Anarchy, and Team Objective playlists.
  • Team Bagman will now have non-DLC maps available in Matchmaking, but the DLC maps will maintain a higher priority.
  • Balance adjustments include: Rail Driver will now have 12 max ammo instead of 24; Sniper Rifle will now have 8 max ammo instead of 12; Proximity Mines will now have 2 max ammo instead of 4; Heal Backpack will take longer to recharge; Vision Backpack will take longer to recharge and use fuel faster; Stealth Backpack will now use fuel faster; Firepower Backpack will now take longer to recharge.

These changes are live on Xbox 360 now and should be made available for PS3 within the next couple of hours.

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