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MTV: Beatles: Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero V "two-to-one"


Boy, time sure flies, doesn't it? Yet another month is in the books, and we've got NPDs to prove it. Now all that's missing is... oh, good timing - thanks, MTV! Let the post-NPD trash-talk begin!

"We outsold them two-to-one on a revenue basis and we outperformed on a unit basis as well, despite the fact that they had an eight-day advantage, and were giving away free software," said MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie to Gamasutra.

"At the end of the day, The Beatles: Rock Band clearly outperformed them, and we're not done yet. We're anticipating a very successful holiday period."

Guthrie also gave out a bit of advice while standing on the winner's podium.

"I think when you're giving away a great artist like Van Halen, to me it marks a little bit of desperation in trying to move their product," he said. "Van Halen is a great artist, and it's a pity that they went from trying to sell that product this December to giving it away in September."

Aw, Van Halen, you look cold. Here's a blanket and some hot cocoa. Yep, good ol' Harmonix'll treat you right.

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