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MS: Kinect gets "back to old arcade style of game’


Kudo Tsunoda, Microsoft's general manager of Kinect, has said the tech is going back to the roots of arcade games.

Speaking in an OXM feature, Tsunoda said anyone playing should be able to get the games straight away.

"The Kinect experience, no matter what kind of game it is, is getting back to what I feel is the old arcade style of game," he explained.

"If you were going to play a car game, you'd just grab a big wheel and start driving. People were putting money into the machine, so if they didn't understand how to play it within the first 15 seconds, they would get really angry. It doesn't mean that the games don't need to have skill or depth or all the things that you think about games... they just have to start with 'I know how to get in and play'."

Kinect is due for release this November.

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