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Motorstorm developer hints lend weight to PS4 reveal rumours

Staff at Sony-owned Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios have dropped further hints suggesting the studio may have something to announce at next week's PlayStation Meeting, where the PlayStation 4 is expected to debut.

OnlySP noticed Motorstorm director Paul Rustchynsky tweeting "10 days" precisely ten days before the PlayStation Meeting.

Meanwhile, senior designer Will Maiden has made a couple of mentions of a new project, and said the atmosphere at Evolution is like "a spy thriller".

Finally, design director Simon Barlow has an "unannounced" "first-party exclusive" on his LinkedIn profile.

On their own, the hints wouldn't add up to much, but there's a well-sourced rumour going around that Evolution will debut a new racer at the February 20 meeting.

Thanks, Dark.

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