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PS4 rumour: next-gen racer & Killzone studio projects to debut February 20th

PS4 rumours are heating up, and recent rumblings suggest that a next-gen racer and the new project from Killzone studio Guerilla Games will debut at Sony's 'PlayStation Meeting' event on February 20th.

This fresh rumour comes from STFUandPlay, and I know what we're thinking - 'who are they exactly?' It doesn't matter too much as a Polygon author using his NeoGAF handle 'Aegies' has gone on record to say that the rumour is true to his knowledge.

To be clear, that's not the sort of thing a game writer does unless they're damn sure.

So, the rumour in full then, is that Ged Talbot - ex-Bizarre Creations lead designer on Blur and several Project Gotham titles - has been hired by Motorstorm team Evolution Studios, along with other former employees.

They're working on a next-gen racer for PS4 that was at one point pitched as a Gran Turismo title, although Sony Japan decided against the move for some reason. If true, this is the second next-gen racer in the works for Sony's new console.

The other racer is rumoured to be in development at Ivory Tower, a studio comprised of ex-Eden Games staff. It's said to be a spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited.

Also, Killzone studio Guerilla Games is said to be revealing its PS4 project at the event as well.

The PlayStation Meeting event kicks off February 20th in New York City. We have everything you need to know about PS4 rumours surrounding the event here.

Thanks Gematsu.

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