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Motorstorm 2 goes from desert to "lush island", has four-way split-screen

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The BBC's Darren Waters, him what filmed the red ring of death on Microsoft's stand at GDC, has been given a sneak peak at Motorstorm 2, which is apparently out at the end of this year.

"Motorstorm 2 is due out in time for Christmas," it says here, "and moves the action away from the desert locale of the original. Gamers will be able to race around a lush island environment, full of interactive vegetation.

"The game will feature four-player split-screen action, righting one of the obvious failings of the first game.

"The title is some months away from completion but the game's engine looked rock solid and the graphics were as impressive as one would expect from one of the best-looking racing franchises."

Now. Should we buy a PS3 on the back of blind excitement? Or should we not?

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