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More Dynasty Warriors 7 character scans


The latest set of magazine scans from KOEI Warriors has revealed a brand new addition to the series's roster: Liu Chan.

Liu Chan inherited the Kingdom of Shu at age sixteen from his father, Liu Bei, before surrendering it to the forces of Wei after forty years of near non-stop warfare under the guidance of advisors.

Lui Chan has made appearances in previous Dynasty Warriors games, but has never before starred as a uniqiue, playable character. His inclusion in Dynasty Warriors 7 helps to flesh out the Shu faction's later roster as the series for the first time extends its reach towards the final days of the Three Kingdoms period.

Other characters featured in the scans are Shu ruler Liu Bei and strategist Zhuge Liang; extravagant Wei general Zhang He; Wu beauty Xiao Qiao; the tyrant Dong Zhuo; and turncoat Xiahou Ba.

Dynasty Warriors 7 hits Japan on March 10, the US on March 22, and Europe on March 25, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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