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More details on the PlayStation 4's social aspects and user interface

Today at GDC, Sony gave a presentation on the PlayStation 4, and while most of it was pretty technical they gave out some new info on the system's social features and UI. Selecting a game, for example, will take you to a screen that shows comments about it from your friends and DLC listings as well as any other relevant information. From there you can launch the game.

-Using your real name on your PSN ID will be optional, but if you link your Facebook with the PSN, your real name goes.
-The friend limit will be increasing on the PS4 from the current limit of 100.
-Users spectating can send the player comments while watching
-The color of the light bar on the controller will indicate which player slot a person is occupying. Blue for 1, red for 2, green for 3 and pink for 4.
-Holding down the share button takes a screenshot.

Exciting stuff.

Thanks, Polygon.

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