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Monster Hunter World PC - ditch default melee and ranged combat key bindings for this setup

The PC version of Monster Hunter World, which launches tomorrow, supports keyboard and mouse and controls.

Unfortunately, some of the default key bindings in Monster Hunter World on PC don't really fit with the actions they're bound to. The good news is that you can change them any way you like.

Of course, this will ultimately vary from one player to another, but Arekkz presents an alternative setup that complements Monster Hunter-specific functions.

How to change key bindings in Monster Hunter World PC

Head to System > Options and navigate to the Controls tab. The Keyboard Settings option is found all the way at the bottom. Clicking it will open up the full list of key bindings, split into Menu Navigation controls, Melee Weapons controls, and Ranged Weapons controls.

Picking the best melee combat control setup

The melee bindings are fine by default, but for weapon classes that come with a shield, working the default Guard / Drawn Weapon button (Ctrl) into your combo can be challenging. To get around this, you could bind it to Shift instead.

By default, Display Items is bound to Q, which you can replace with Tab if you're not using it for anything else. Shift, which is assigned to Dash / Sheathe Weapon by default, can be replaced with Q. Shift is now free to be assigned to the Guard / Drawn Weapon function.

Not having run on Shift may feel awkward at first, but you'll quickly realise that you don't spend a lot of time running in Monster Hunter World. Keeping running on Q lets you more easily work Shift into your combo, which is something you'll be doing a lot more of in combat.

If you don't like it, try switching between Q and Shift for Dashing and Drawing weapons. Depending on the weapon type you use, you may find one setup more comfortable than the other.

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Picking the best ranged combat control setup

The ranged combat setup is even more bizarre by default. You need to hold V to aim, fire with the left mouse button, and Switching ammo types is bound to right click by default.

Of course, this setup is incredibly confusing for anyone who's ever played a shooter on PC. The fix is relatively simple. First, we'll need to map Draw Weapon to the left mouse button. You'll note that left click is already bound to Fire weapon. The critical difference here is that this function only works when your weapon is drawn/unsheathed.

Draw Weapon, on the other hand, does both unsheathing and firing for you, making the other option redundant. You can map Fire to any button you don't use, such as middle mouse button like you see in the video.

Then you'll want to remap Display Aiming to right click, which means you'll now have to find another key for the Gather / Interact / Carve function. You could go with Shift.

The end result is a more natural right click to aim, left click to fire setup.

Picking the best Radial Menu type

One other thing you should remember doing is to pick the Keyboard option in the Radial Menu Type sub-menu. This way, your item trays will be grouped up by the F1-F4, which makes it easier to quickly access ammo types and other items.

It's important to note that each of the three Keyboard Settings lists (Navigation, Melee, Ranged) can be adjusted independently. Because of this, certain functions will appear on more than one list, meaning you'll have to do your rebinding twice.

This is not necessary, of course, since you could have different bindings for the same function depending on whether or not you use a ranged weapon, for example. That's probably going to be confusing, so having consistency between the lists makes more sense.

Monster Hunter World is out August 9 on PC.

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