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Monday Shorts: Fallout Online, Jaffe, Daily Mail and We Dare, Killzone

Get over that hangover and start GDC week right with these short news nuggets.

  • Interplay's released another teaser for Fallout Online with the latest edition of the Pip-Pad's Armageddon Rag. It features short stories within the universe and more. All through here.
  • Following Friday's amazing We Dare trailer, the Daily Mail's had a little dicky fit about the adult game. See the opinion of outraged parents here.
  • Eat, Sleep, Play boss David Jaffe has also given his opinion on the matter, tweeting that the game "could be silly fun under the right circumstances." More on PS Beyond.
  • The Fabricate Yourself project has used Kinect to immortalise people at an event as actual pieces of a jigsaw. There's a video of it in action on Joystiq.
  • Staying on Kinect, Microsoft's shown off the future of splitscreen. Again, more on Joystiq.
  • You can never have enough Metroid Prime art. That's why there's more on GAF.
  • There's a new video of indie title Dead Meets Lead on BigDownload.
  • A new trailer for Yar's Revenge is also on BD too.
  • Someone's posted a live-action Killzone short. It's up on Ripten.

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