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Molydeux game jam titles Gunhouse and Oh Deer! heading to PS Mobile

Necrosoft CEO Brandon Sheffield confirmed that Gunhouse and Oh Deer! are heading to PS Mobile at GDC last night. Both games borne out of last year's ‘What would Molydeux?’ game jam. They sound bonkers.

Gunhouse stars a house made of guns that has to protect orphans from aliens, while Oh Deer! is sort of like OutRun, but with an emphasis on running over or sparing deer on the road.

Oh Deer! is interesting because it features pixel art from Mojang art developer Junkboy and Streets of Rage 2 and 3 co-composer Motohiro Kawashima. Sheffield explained his involvement, "This is the first game [Kawashima] has worked on since 1993.

"It’s been twenty years for this guy, and he’s super excited and super involved. When I told him we couldn’t afford to pay him that much, he said, ‘Don’t worry about the money. I’m just happy to make music again.’”

He also discussed the decision to bring the games to PS Mobile and Vite, to utilise button and touch controls at once. “With Oh Deer, which is a driving game, not a racing game, once I heard we could use buttons, I gave a cheer.

"But with Gunhouse, you control the direction of guns but also grab puzzle pieces which you arrange into a shape inside of the house itself. That pretty much only works with touch, so we are going in both directions at once.”

Does either game sound interesting? Let us know below.

Thanks Edge.

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