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Molyjam Deux set for July 5-7

A second Molyjam will be held next month, with professional and hobbyist developers worldwide invited to participate in this festival of creative game design.

Organisers have set a date for Molyjam Deux - July 5-7 - but details of local events and times are still to be confirmed; keep an eye on the event's website and Twitter for updates.

If you're keen on participating, you can register your interest now.

Molyjam is a unique gamejam in that it celebrates Peter Molyneux's Twitter parody, Peter Molydeux, by producing games based on the humorous account's suggestions.

Peter Molyneux has given the festival his blessing, even popping into last year's event. He's pretty fond of Molydeux in general, actually.

Last year's event produced over 300 games, many of which were kind of amazing.

Thanks, Polygon.

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