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How Modern Warfare is referencing Modern Warfare 2

It turns out that Infinity Ward is using weapon charms in Modern Warfare to reference iconic moments from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

A recent Eurogamer article pointed out a hawk-eyed Redditor named AnalVor (such a Reddit handle). AnalVor made the following discovery while playing Modern Warfare:

Really clever IW, really clever
by u/AnalVor in modernwarfare

As you can see, each of these three weapon charms is directly related to a memorable moment from Modern Warfare 2. The first charm, which features a set of jumper cables, is related to a scene where Ghost gets ready to torture a baddie (Skip to 1:44).

The second charm shows a gas can, related to the scene in which Roach and Ghost are doused in petrol, while the third charm depicts the gun Shepherd used to deliver the final blow to the iconic duo. You can watch both scenes in the video below, although you probably shouldn't, because they'll make you angry.

As the Eurogamer piece notes, Call of Duty art director Joel Emslie acknowledged the discovery with a post of his own.

by u/AnalVor from discussion
in modernwarfare

At the moment, it's unclear what this could potentially mean, but the response from Emslie implies that the inclusion of Modern Warfare 2 references was a conscious and intentional decision. Still, the question remains: if this was intentional, why? Some fans seem to think this is due to the fact Modern Warfare is currently in its second season.

"So than the rumors are true," writes slightly more tamely named Redditor corporalgrif. "The seasons are based off the modern warfare games, so does that mean season 3 is themed around MW3? Does that mean Season 4 is going to be based off call of duty ghosts..." (sic)

Meanwhile, I'm in the hopelessly ambitious corner fooling myself into believing this implies an MW2 remaster, relentlessly forbidding myself from acknowledging reason and accepting that this is obviously isn't the case. Regardless, it's worth keeping an eye out for some references to the Call of Duty games of old - catch one ahead of the curve and you might earn yourself some nice Reddit karma.

If you're hungry for more CoD, check out what we know about the Modern Warfare battle royale release date, read our Modern Warfare review, and watch our video on everything you need to know about Modern Warfare below.

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