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Modern Warfare 2's mid season update isn't going so smoothly

Another day, another update.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 recently received a mid-season update, but players are reporting a range of bugs causing some problems.

The update, called Season 1 Reloaded, launched last week, introducing a refreshed take on the fan-favourite map Shipment, the game's first raid that picks up where the base game's story left off, and a limited-time game mode Warzone Cup. Unfortunately, the update also brought in some unwanted bugs and glitches, causing some frustration amongst players (thanks, Eurogamer).

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As shared on the game's subreddit, one of the more notable problems is that players' custom builds are being erased. It wasn't clear what the problem was at first, as some players reported that only some of their builds were lost, but Infinity Ward later found that the issue was related to equipping gold camos on those loadouts. Some players are also finding that they have lost all weapon camo progressions, obviously an annoying thing to experience considering the time needed to unlock them. Though according to Infinity Ward, this was a UI issue.

Players are also running into trouble where they might not be able to find a match if they boot up the game from a suspended console, rather than the game booting up fresh.

Lastly, a big issue players are running into is being met with the message "Dev Error 11557," which is apparently caused by the game having some kind of corrupted file. The not so quick fix that Infinity Ward is offering on this is to quite simply reinstall the game, but that's no easy feat considering the file size. Infinity Ward also provided a potential solution if reinstalling doesn't work, which you can see here if that applies to you.

Modern Warfare 2 might have a number of problems at the moment, but it was still the top selling game in November.

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