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Modders' clamour sees Morrowind 2011 pulled


Individual modders whose work is featured in the Morrowind 2011 compendium have threatened legal action against its compiler, resulting in the removal of the 4Gb pack's torrent.

Joystiq reports that compendium curator Tyler Smith admits to inadequate credit to original creators.

Concerned creators raised complaints on a since-deleted thread on the Bethesda forums. According to one source, not only did the pack release fail to correctly credit modders, some had not been approached for permission to include their work.

While Smith is adamant that the credit situation was in the process of improvement, he has removed the torrent link from the compendium's official site.

"In the end I'm just very disappointed that I wasn't given a chance to correct the issues with the package, ... But the file is out on the internet, and it will be very hard for anyone to remove it from all the sites," he told Joystiq.

Morrowind 2011 updates many aspects of the Elder Scrolls game's graphics by collecting together a treasure trove of some of the best available mods.

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