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Miyamoto: Newly revealed Pikmin the "perfect game" Wii U

I'm not sold on the Wii U. Wait, new Pikmin game? I'm sold on the Wii U.

"There are two sides to me today, the corporate side that wants to follow the precedent we set for E3 of not announcing any titles, and the creative side of me that wants to tell you we're working on Pikmin," series designer Shigeru Miyamoto told a gathering of journalists at a roundtable event, as reported by Gamasutra.

The long-awaited entry in the series was expected to release on Wii, but although he "really wanted to release a Pikmin game" for the series 10th anniversary, Miyamoto felt the Wii U was a betetr fit for the game.

"I've gotten a look at the fancy new graphics and the new controller," he said.

"I got the feeling it's the perfect game for that system, so we're going to make it on that."

As for release day, well.

"Maybe it won't be too long before it's ready for Wii U," Miyamoto teased.

The first two Pikmin games are considered classics of the Gamecube era.

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