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Miyamoto: Console design not just "a power competition"

Nintendo creative powerhouse Shigeru Miyamoto has dismissed concerns the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles will leave the Wii U looking under-powered.

Although Nintendo has refused to reveal the Wii U's specifications, while speaking to IGN Miyamoto said it doesn't matter; the Wii U can do what it needs to do.

"In today's living room, where there are a lot of HDTVs, but they're not yet mostly 3D TVs, I think the console is certainly adequately powerful to create gaming experiences that will look really good on those displays," he said.

"But whenever we talk about who's winning in a power competition, I think it's easy to lose sight of whether a game is fun or not. Which is certainly going to be more important to me."

Miyamoto said Nintendo's job is to make sure it offers the best possible experience to users and developers at a reasonable cost.

"The cost to performance ratio is something we do spend a lot of time thinking about," he said.

"If the conversation is only really about whether the power is going to match up to another generation of hardware from, say, Sony or Microsoft, I can't answer that question yet. [Wii U] might not be as powerful as those systems when they eventually do come around.

"But I think that the more important question is - It's not just about power alone, but how to balance what you're offering in terms of power with cost."

The Wii U is yet to be dated and priced. Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has hinted that the new console is on level with current generation standards.

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