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Miyamoto: Apple and Nintendo in "two very different areas"

Prominent Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has suggested comparisons between Apple's iPad and the Wii U controller are spurious.

"I have to be honest, I don't really know everything that Apple is planning right now, so it's hard to say," Miyamoto replied when asked by CNET to compare the two devices.

"When I look at things, I feel that Nintendo is looking at video games, and how we make the most compelling and fun video game experience. And then, within that framework, how can we use that to create new and fun entertainment within the living room setting

"So we're really looking at it strictly from an entertainment perspective, and when I think about the things that Apple is talking about in terms of cloud computing and things like that, I'd say that they're just two very different areas that we're both looking at."

Nevertheless, comparisons are being drawn - and not just because of the Wii U controller's tablet-like shape. Digital Foundry reports the upcoming iOS 5 update will make the iPad capable of pushing full HD gameplay to TVs via the Apple TV device.

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