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Mistwalker's Party Wave gets first trailer

A jaunty trailer has been released for action surfing game, Party Wave; the first iOS project from the development team responsible for 2011 Wii RPG, The Last Story.

Mistwalker, the team behind Wii RPG The Last Story and 2007's Lost Odyssey, has released its first trailer for new iOS project, Party Wave.

The trailer contains some chilled-out beach scenes and music mixed with some frenetic iPad gameplay.

The Party Wave pages of Mistwalker's website read:

"Mistwalker is pleased to present an action surfing game.

"'Party wave' A phrase you may have heard in the crystal blue ocean as several locals catch a wave. Jump into the water and join the surfers for an epic ride.

"The objective of this game is to guide the surfers to catch a wave and avoid the obstacles. Touch the surfers to make them turn and jump so they won't wipe out."

Mistwalker was founded in 2004 by Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

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Thanks, Siliconera.

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