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Mind-Controlled Pong created by Ph.D. student

Have you ever wanted to control Pong with your mind? Well, Duke University Ph.D. student David Schwarz has realised that lofty dream, utilising electrodes and brain waves to allow players to move those iconic panels with their thoughts.

NewsObserver reports that Schwarz showed off his project at the institutes Summer Science Sleuths event, and is geared towards showing students the fun prospects of Neuroscience.

In practice playing Pong with the mind was found to be as simple as you might a imagine, with players thinking about either going up and down to produce the desired effect. To prepare, players must first don a head-mounted electrode device, complete with saline-coated felt pads that attack to the scalp.

The project was success, with many players all able to move their paddle by simply thinking about the motion, or thinking about themselves performing the physical motion. Check out the source article for more insight into how it all works.

NeuroGaming is something of a fledgling trend in the industry, with Kickstarter RPG Son of Nor recently showcasing some mind-controlled magic attacks.

I also interviewed Zack Lynch recently, founder of the NeuroGaming expo in San Francisco. We discussed the implications of mind control, sweat monitoring, eye tracking and motion on future generations of gaming. Check it out here.

What do you think of the prospects surrounding mind-controlled gaming? Let us know below.

Thanks GameInformer.

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