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A millionaire is looking for someone to design a real-world battle royale game on a private island

A millionaire, battle royale fan wants to create a battle royale match in the real world.

The unnamed millionaire is looking to buy a private island through, a site described as "Amazon for millionaires" (yes, really). The site is hoping to also recruit a game developer to set up the 100-player, last-person-standing game.

The plan is to invite 100 people randomly, and they're all going to compete for £100,000 in prize money. As for the developer, the millionaire is offering anyone interested up to £45,000 for six weeks of work setting up the event on site.

As you've probably guessed, this is essentially a big-team Airsoft match. Players will be wearing "touch-sensitive body armour" to register hits, since it's presumably going to be hard to rely on an honour system at that scale.

The organisers want the whole thing to last three days, and the idea is that contestants will be going at it for 12 hours each day, and camping for the rest. As such, they will be provided with food and camping gear. Medical personnel will also be on site in case of an emergency.

Developers interested can submit their CVs and fill this online form. The deadline for submissions is April 22, and the winner will be notified by May 10.

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