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Midway: We're not "going out of our way" to sell Mortal Kombat


You may think that offering huge cash bonuses to execs to offload franchises in the face of bankruptcy was trying quite hard to get rid of the IP involved. Not so, said Midway today.

"We're not going out of our way to sell Mortal Kombat," Geoff Mogilner, Midway's head of investor relations, told Edge.

Midway was reported this morning to be dumping key assets to raise cash. Despite this looking as though Midway is dumping key assets to raise cash, it means, in fact, precisely the opposite.

Mogilner said Midway may keep its properties instead of selling them off in pieces. "That's management's goal, to keep the company together."

So just remember. When you tell someone you'll give them a massive amount of money to sell something, what you're really trying to do is not to sell it. See how that works?

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