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Microsoft "seeking correction" for Kinect data release report

Microsoft's Larry Hryb - better known as major nelson - has said the company will not be releasing user data harvested by the Xbox One's Kinect to third parties, and is seeking a correction to a report stating otherwise.

"We are seeking a correction to the Ad Age story that quotes Yusuf," Hryb said on Twitter, referring to yesterday's claim by the Advertising Age that Microsoft's corporate vice president of marketing and strategy Yusuf Mehdi had said user data release to third parties might be possible in the future.

"We do not collect information to share or sell. You are fully in control of your personal data. Your privacy is important to us," he added, reiterating Microsoft's earlier messaging.

Hryb pointed to an AllThingsD report in which a Microsoft statement described the Advertising Age report as a misinterpretation of Mehdi's presentations.

Microsoft has been very firm on the subject of privacy amd the new Kinect, with Albert Penello noting that "nobody is working on" skeevy data-mining Kinect advertising.

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