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Microsoft notifying Xbox Live complainants when action is taken

To help you feel less like you're spitting into the wind, Microsoft has beun issuing notifications when it takes action in response to reports made against Xbox Live users.

The notifications will only occur when a complaint is actioned; not every report results in a ban or other response. In fact, you won't always be notified even when Microsoft has acted on the information received, due to "concerns about retaliation between users".

The person on the receiving end of the action will not be made aware of the identity of the person who made the complaint, of course.

"The team here at Xbox actively listens to feedback from our Xbox Live members and as a result we have implemented a complaint feedback feature for Xbox Live, Microsoft said in a statement published on Polygon.

"When a member files a complaint against another player, the complaint feedback feature will notify select complainants that one or more of their complaints have resulted in enforcement action. Members will be notified via in-dash messaging.

"Bullying and harassment of any kind are not welcome on Xbox Live and is taken very seriously. The Xbox Live community grows daily, and we continue to explore methods and levels of enforcement to enhance the ways our members connect and have fun. Addressing this issue is an ongoing effort for the gaming community, Microsoft and our partners, and complaint feedback is one feature in several near- and long-term product and service enhancements that we have in the works."

More information on the system can be found in a brief FAQ.

Microsoft responds to violations of its terms and conditions for use of Xbox Live with communication bans, full service suspensions, gamerscore resets and even console bans, which block your Xbox 360 from Live permanently.

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