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Microsoft may release a 1 vs 100 style game in some capacity with Xbox One

Phil Spencer has said Microsoft may return to a 1 vs 100 game in some capacity with Xbox One, as the company learned a lot from the XBL quiz game.

Speaking with OXM, Spencer said the firm learned what it takes to "bring hundreds of thousands of people together in a virtual game environment and have them play with each other and give away real prizes."

"I think that's a category that lends itself to our kind of community and interactivity," he said. "Probably not at launch, we'll see how our timelines go."

1 vs 100 was a fun, Avatar-based quiz show released on Xbox Live back in 2009, with winners walking away with real-world prizes before it was canceled the following year.

So while the game itself may not come back, Microsoft will apply the lessons it learned to new products.

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