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Microsoft - Kinect is competitively priced with Wii and Move


Brett Siddons, marketing manager for Microsoft UK, has said Kinect is competitively priced with both Wii and Move, because you only need one peripheral to get the full experience for 360.

Speaking with TechRadar, Siddons said if one were to "do the maths" they would find Kinect is less expensive for two-players.

"The price thing itself depends on how you look at it," said Siddons "It's £129.99 RRP but it comes with a game within that price – so Adventures will be packed in with the camera. If you buy it with the console which normally costs £149.99, [it's] £249.99 with the Kinect and the games – another 100 pound on top.

"The camera tracks six people – with two active gamers – you don't have to buy anything else.

"I'll let you do the maths, but when you say Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move you buy this and this, even for a two player games. What do you need and what do [you] actually have to spend for a two player game for this device versus that device.

"You actually find that [Kinect] is very competitively priced."

In the UK, Sony's price for a basic Move pack is £49.99 and includes the PlayStation Eye Camera, the controller and a demo disc. If you want to add another Move and two Navigation controllers, it would cost you an additional £39.99, plus £59.98 for the nunchuk-like Navs.

That's a total cost of around £150, which is in-line with what MS is saying here, but it's unknown if Sony plans to offer more bundle savings on Move than what has already been announced, so pricing on each side could eventually become more competitive, obviously.

Both Move and Kinect are later in the year, with the former hitting in September and the later in November.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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