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Microsoft goes first: E3 press conference date announced

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Microsoft's confirmed it'll be going first with its press conference at E3 this year. It'll be held on Monday, June 4 at 10.00am PDT. That'll be 6.00pm in the UK.

Sony will be holding its own press conference later that day, as confirmed earlier.

Last year's MS conference saw the announcement of a new Halo trilogy for 360. Kinect also took centre stage, with motion support being announced for various big hitters such as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3, and Fable: The Journey. A demo for Modern Warfare 3 had kicked off the show.

This year promises some interesting announcements, however Microsoft's debunked rumours about the reveal of a next-gen Xbox console.

Expect the Nintendo conference to be held the following day.

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