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Microsoft executive: Kinect is courting the core

Microsoft's focus on streaming content partners and Kinect may leave a bad taste in the core gamer's mouth, but European VP of interactive entertainment Chris Lewis says the Xbox experience will remain relevant to that user base.

"We were pretty hardcore there in the first phase of the conference, unashamedly because I think what we've got there is really powerful," Lewis told GamesIndustry when challenged on whether core gamers had reason to be pleased by Microsoft's press conference.

"As well as the combination of Kinect integration to some of those core experiences as well. I think we're very confident about what we've got."

Asked whether core gamers were keen on Kinct, Lewis said the research reports they are. He expects the core to come to Kinect through using it to control the console or to experiment with core games' motion features, but to then become interested in other Kinect products.

"So I think it's based on everything we know consumers are looking for," he opined.

"Our developers are excited about it too, and they wouldn't do it through some philanthropic gesture to Microsoft. They're doing it because they know that's what their consumers are looking for."

Of the dearth of promising new franchises as opposed to sequels, Lewis said current series were good enough for it not to matter.

"I think people are very discerning, and we know that the bar has to continue to be raised in terms of the depth and quality of what comes in the next version of Halo," he offered as an example.

"... It's a good spread of sequels, but I think when the quality is sufficiently good people love that. You only start to struggle when the quality isn't there. People won't buy things just because they exist. As long as the quality continues to broaden out and as long as there's enhancements, it's great."

Adding that Kinect and social features have potential for new experiences, Lewis said he expected that we'll soon see a Kinect game shift ten million units.

"I think with 55 million Xboxes and counting, you're quite quickly going to get to an install base where that kind of attach possibility is very real. So I think yes, certainly that's true on the core platform now but it will also be true for a Kinect game."

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