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Microsoft apologises for late Xbox Live Indie Games payments

Xbox Live Indie Games developers didn't receive their sales revenue as expected this month, apparently due to a system error.


Earlier today reports began to circulate that Microsoft had not paid up what it owes developers for recent XBLIG sales, and that developers could not even check their sales performance.

Obviously that's less than ideal, but before the tar-and-feather brigade could really get going Microsoft issued a public apology, attributing the late payments to system error.

Looks like XBLIG developers will have their payments before the holidays, then. Good to know.

Xbox Live Indie Games has sort of been retired now; on Xbox One, ID@Xbox titles appear in the main storefront alongside everything else. Hopefully if it is ever sunset it will fold with more formality than Games for Windows Live's slow dismantling, so that developers and consumers have some idea of what's going on.

Image from Shutshimi.

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