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MI6: The future of the secondhand market is online

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Eric Villain boss of "media and entertainment insights" for OTX, said that the future of the game resale market is online at marketing conference MI6 yesterday. From Gamercyte:

The future of the game resale market, said Villain, is a greater presence in online selling and trading. Currently, only 35% of gamers are making sales or purchases online, through eBay, craigslist, Goozex, or otherwise, but OTX predicts a sharp increase for 2008. In addition, the overall marketplace for used games will see an increase this year–during an economic downturn, Villain predicts, more gamers are going to start turning to used games in order to keep their hobby affordable.

Gamercyte seems to be the only site on the internet that bothered to attend MI6 in San Francisco yesterday, so more power to you.

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