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Metzen on WoW movie: "We are going to do it right"


Did you think we were going to get some crappy tie-in for World of Warcraft with Sam Raimi at the realm? This is Blizzard we're talking about.

Blizzard loremaster Chris Metzen just gave a status update on the WoW movie at a Blizzcon panel, saying it's held meetings with Raimi about the flick and its story.

He added both Blizzard and Raimi were waiting for the official green light and see how its prioritsed compared to other projects from Raimi.

But Metzen did add the story was "bitchin'" before boldy proclaiming: "We are going to do it right."

They aren't going to f**k about, innit.

More to come from Blizzcon throughout the night.

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