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Metal Gear Solid 3D E3 demo complete

Hideo Kojima has shared a sneak peek at Metal Gear Solid 3D in playable form.

Andriasang reports Kojima tweeted that he'd completed a run through of a playable demo destined for E3.

"I at last crossed the suspension bridge using the gyro controls," he said.

Providing an image, Kojima said the bottom screen can be used to change weapons, and that players can walk while ducking. Could this mean Metal Gear Solid's famously finicky prone system has been brushed up? One can only hope.

Hideo Kojima isn't going to E3 himself, but he is sending the game's producer, Yoshikazu Matsuhana, along with a trailer and the demo pictured below - the first really playable version of the game since last year's tech demo.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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