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Meier thinks EA is "great company", doesn't care who he works for

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Speaking here, dev legend Sid Meier has said he doesn't really mind working for Take-Two or EA, depending on what happens with EA's aspirations to buy Take-Two. It's all gravy to Sid.

"We worked with Electronic Arts ten years ago," he said. "We respect them highly as a company. They're a great company. We enjoy working with Take-Two. We'll let them sort that out [laughs]. Take-Two has been very good about giving us the creative freedom to do the best games that we can, and I think what Electronic Arts is saying is really along the same directions. That's really our priority, to really be able make the best games that we can. And both those publishers would give us that opportunity. We'll let them work that out."

Just keeping making Civ, innit.

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