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Meet Major Nelson at PAX (Trixie's going to be there!)

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Trixie360's hot. She sounds hot. She may not be hot. Go and find out! You can meet all the chaps from the Major Nelson podcast, including the man himself, e and Trixie at PAX if you're in Seattle this weekend. Details from Nelson's blog:

  • Who: Me, e, litheon, Trixie360 some of the Gamerscore blog folks and who ever else we can round up from the Xbox team
  • What: Great burgers…need I say more?
  • Why: Because you need to eat
  • Where: The Red Mill at 1613 W Dravus St in Seattle [+1 206 284 6363] (Directions)
  • When: Friday, August 29th from 1pm-2pmish.

Do it, PAX people. Send us pictures of Trixie.

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